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Mediation Scheduling Calendar

Click for Printable Summary of Available Dates

 Please click on your preferred date to send an appointment request specifying whether you are requesting Rob or Sam or either.  Mediations also are typically available the 1st and 3rd Saturdays.  If interested, request a Saturday mediation by clicking on this link.

Skip the Trial.

Skip unnecessary Discovery and Expense.

You can even Skip the Lawsuit or Arbitration.

Mediate your dispute.

Reduce Disruption to your Business.

Retain Control over the Result.

Rob or Sam are available to serve as a Neutral to mediate your dispute.  We have Mediation Facilities Available for two or three party disputes and are open to mediate at locations selected by the parties.

Take the opportunity to obtain an Early Resolution. Even if an agreement does not result, you will better understand the issues and concerns that need to be resolved and how to proceed more effectively.

Find links here to:

Agreement to Mediate

Mediation Basics





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