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Practice Areas

Strong Advocates Putting Experience on Your Side.

Oak City Law’s attorneys have a long history of effective representation of clients in business matters including litigation and organization of business entities. Our attorneys are skilled advocates  and negotiators who understand the importance of practical and affordable solutions. While litigation and trial are available means for resolving disputes, we are equally comfortable with negotiation, mediation and arbitration solutions.  Our attorneys have represented corporate clients successfully in many different types of business matters including:

Our Practice Areas

Litigation & Mediation
Business Formation, Transfers and Structure
Class Actions & Mass Torts
Construction Law & Litigation
Unfair Competition and Business Wrongs
Post Judgment Proceedings
Business Governance and Owner Rights
Contract Review, Drafting, and Negotiation
Preservation of Intellectual Property
General Practice
Estate Planning
Real Estate
Administrative Law and Licensing

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Our attorneys have helped clients resolve disputes in many different industries including:

High Tech
Natural Gas
Building Products
Computer Software
Consumer Goods
Financial Institutions
Service Professions
Real Estate

Oak City Law lawyers have also managed complex litigation and coordinated among multiple parties in class actions and mass torts cases in multiple states. The work of our attorneys in complex litigation has included all facets of large and small document review projects including cost control. We have experience with witness preparation, expert witness identification and development, theme and issue analysis and development, and factual investigations including effective use of depositions and other discovery mechanisms to identify important, useful and often determinative facts.

Flexible Fees to Fit Your Needs.

At Oak City Law LLP, we are committed to fee arrangements that give our clients certainty, value and the opportunity to obtain high quality legal representation for less cost. We also are committed to arrangements which focus our attention on performance and achieving client satisfaction. Some clients believe hourly fee arrangements work best for their situation. For other clients, the hourly billing approach does not align the lawyer’s interests with the client’s interests as closely as alternative arrangements. For the growing number of clients who prefer alternative arrangements such as fixed or performance based fees, we are experienced with these kinds of fee arrangements and ready to use them when clients prefer. Our approach to fees will always be flexible enough to adjust to client needs and preferences.